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Community CARE Fund

Since its creation in 2017, the Community CARE Fund has transformed the Washington County Community Foundation’s grant-making. And through over $3.65 million in capacity building grants the Community CARE Fund has issued to local charities, it is helping to transform some of those charities as well.

The objective of capacity building grants is to help strengthen the infrastructure, management, and governance of charities so that they may more effectively fulfill their charitable missions. When capacity building is successful, it strengthens a charity’s ability to fulfill its mission over time, and enhances the charity’s ability to have a positive impact on individuals and our community. Stronger charities mean a stronger Washington County community, a primary goal of the Community CARE Fund.

In addition to supporting individually-selected charities, the Community CARE Fund will provide some capacity building grants through open and competitive processes. Details of future grant opportunities will be provided as they become available.