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Ed DeVoge Fund

Ed devoge

The Ed DeVoge Fund was created by family and friends to memorialize Ed and provide support for worthy causes in the community.

Ed came to this community from West Virginia in 1966 as assistant manager of Mellon Bank’s Washington office and joined the staff at the Observer Publishing Co. in 1973. During that time, Ed’s impact on his co-workers and this community was significant.

Active in many charitable and civic causes including the Greater Washington Area Jaycees, Brownson House, Washington Cemetery, and the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, Ed was known for his commitment and good humor.

Comments he made at his retirement from the Observer Reporter in March 1999 revealed his interest in helping people, “Whatever role I may have played in the development of people at both the Observer Reporter and at Mellon represents the aspect of my career in which I take the greatest pride.”

You need only to speak to a few of these employees, present and past, to learn of Ed’s influence on them. His influence on the community will continue through the Ed DeVoge Fund, as his wife Jarol will annually consider charitable causes to benefit in Ed’s name.