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Harold & Enes Hockett Fund

Hockett fund

The Harold & Enes Hockett Fund was created by Enes Hockett, at the same time her sister Thelma Curtis created the John & Thelma Curtis Fund. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hockett are now deceased. Grants are recommended by family members.

Enes Odisio Hockett graduated from Avella and attended accounting school before relocating to Washington, D.C. to work at the Pentagon. It was there that she met Navy Lieutenant Commander Harold Hockett, who would one day be her husband. They married and lived happily together in Virginia for 35 years.

After their retirement, Enes and Harold moved to Southpointe so Enes and Thelma could spend more time together. “It was wonderful having her close by again after all those years,” said Thelma fondly.