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Harold W. & Hazel R. Lauerman Memorial Fund

Harold w hazel r lauerman

The Harold W. Lauerman and Hazel R. Lauerman Memorial Fund for the Donora Library Association was created by a court order to fulfill the terms of a bequest made by Mr. Lauerman to support the Donora Public Library. Earnings from the fund will be made available to the Donora Library to fulfill the Library’s mission.

Harold Lauerman, who died November 7, 2000 at the age of 86, was born and raised in Donora, PA. He was a veteran of World War II. Having begun his working career as a reporter for the Donora Herald American, he went on to join the communications department of the H.J. Heinz Co. and was the chief administrative officer of the Sarah Scaife Foundation until he retired in 1974.

He and his wife Hazel, also from Donora, spent their retirement years in Donora and Florida. Hazel Lauerman, a retired head elementary school teacher in the Donora School District, died in 1999.