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John A. & Barbara L. Campbell Fund

John a barbara l campbell fund

The John A. & Barbara L. Campbell Fund was created to honor John and Barbara Campbell when they were selected as the WCCF’s 2008 Philanthropists of the Year. The fund will be used to provide support to charitable organizations in Washington County.

While many would be content with founding a successful insurance business, the Campbells were not satisfied. In fact, they felt a yearning for something bigger and better. That something ended up being a lifetime of philanthropic giving to their community.

To John and Barbara Campbell, community involvement is a way of life, and their lives are a testament to that. Just a few of the organizations which the Campbells have participated in and/or supported through the years are the Jaycees, United Way of Washington County, Washington Rotary Club and The Washington Hospital where John has served as a Founding Trustee, Chairman, and Co-Chair of its capital campaign. John also has a history with the WCCF, where he is a Founding Trustee and Past Chairman of the Board. The Campbells are also members of the Foundation’s Family of Founders.

John and Barbara attended middle school and high school in Michigan before their marriage in 1965. They moved to McMurray in 1972 and, 1989, founded Campbell Insurance Associates, Inc. John serves as President and Barbara as Chief Financial Officer of the company. Their son, Mark Campbell, a Trustee at the WCCF serves as Vice President.