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Lori Hill Orchestral Fund

Lori hill

The Lori Hill Orchestral Fund was created in 2009 in memory of Lori Hill.

Lori Hill was the loving mother of four Trinity Orchestra students: Danny, Dallas, Raymond and Amanda Hill. Each one of her children ʺheld a bowʺ for many years. Lori passed on tragically in October 2006 just days before the fall Trinity Orchestra concert. She was a dear friend and is missed immensely. We were lucky to have known her, and to have her impact our lives so positively.

Lori always put others first. As a single mother, she worked midnight shifts so she could be home to take her children to their many activities and events. She juggled her family and other commitments like a Maestro would direct an orchestra. Lori made many sacrifices for others, and did so with great passion and an infectious laugh.

To memorialize Loriʹs life and selflessness, we have created a fund that supports one of Loriʹs favorite programs: The Trinity Orchestra.

The Lori Hill Orchestral Fund will provide financial awards to the Trinity School District Orchestral program. Funds may be used by the program to improve the experience for participants in the program.

The initial gift, made in 2009, was a youth violin that may be used by students who are unable to afford the cost of instrument rental. Annual distributions to the orchestra program began in 2010.