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Miss Judy Hopson Arts Fund

Miss judy hopson

As a resident art instructor of the Washington Community Arts and Cultural Center, Judy Hopson provided art instruction with seemingly boundless energy. Miss Judy, as she was known to her students, dedicated the last ten years of her life to giving the gift of art, imagination and confidence to anyone that took an interest throughout our community at local high schools, colleges, senior centers, festivals and learning centers for disadvantaged youth.

Miss Judy believed that art in any form had the power to improve every child’s life regardless of their socioeconomic status. And, research has shown that receiving a fine arts education may help young students master other academic subjects, perform better on standardized achievement tests and increase participation in community service.

In recent years, many public schools across the country have been forced to cut programs due to reduced funding. Unfortunately, Washington County has not been excluded from this trend, resulting in many disadvantaged children not having access to a fine arts education in our community.

The Miss Judy Hopson Arts Fund was established just before Miss Judy passed in April 2011, as a way to honor her dedication and continue her commitment to giving the gifts of imagination, confidence and creativity to everyone in our community. The fund supports organizations providing art services for the youth of Washington County.