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Neighborhood Drug Awareness Corps Fund

The Neighborhood Drug Awareness Corps (NDAC) Fund was created by the dissolving Board of the NDAC and approved by Washington County Orphans Court. The fund supports community-based drug and alcohol prevention programs.

The NDAC closed on June 30, 1999 after 18 years of service to the Washington area. The organization’s purpose was to prevent drug and alcohol abuse in the County. The NDAC, which relied heavily on dwindling state and federal funding, was forced to shut down after its funds were no longer large enough to continue operations.

The assets of NDAC were divided between four organizations. Distributions of $7,000 each were given to the Brownson House, LeMoyne Center, and Washington Teen Outreach. The remainder was giving to the WCCF to create a permanent fund. The fund will keep NDAC’s name alive in the community, since, each year, a grant from the investment’s earnings will support area drug and alcohol prevention programs.