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Rosenthal Jewelers Memorial Fund

Mike and Mildred Rosenthal copy

Rosenthal Jewelers was a business on Main Street in Fredericktown for 50 years.

Owners Mike and Mildred Rosenthal loved the town and the wonderful people who lived there. This fund was created as a way for the family to say "thank you" for the many happy years the couple enjoyed serving the local community.

Mike was a member of the Rotary Club and had served as its President. He was also a volunteer fireman and enjoyed manning the dice gambling table at the annual summer carnival sponsored by the Fredericktown Fire Department.

In 1930, Mike opened Rosenthal Jewelers. During the struggling Depression years, he lived in the store's back room.

Mike married Mildred, an elementary school teacher, in 1938. Their photo above was taken during the first year of their marriage. The couple had two children, Philip and Elaine.

Rosenthal Jewelers remained open until Mildred’s death in 1980.

Grants from the Rosenthal Jewelers Memorial Fund will be awarded annually to support causes and programs related to quality of life issues in Fredericktown and its surrounding areas. Examples include but are not limited to community centers, food pantries, playgrounds, libraries, and community activities.