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Scholarship Fund for the Arts

Scholarship for arts pirate

A $25,000 contribution from an anonymous donor to the WCCF provided the necessary funding to create this scholarship fund to benefit graduating seniors from Chartiers-Houston High School pursuing a degree in the arts. It was very important to the donor to include creative, performing and visuals arts in the classification of eligible students.

When the donor has passed away, the fund will be renamed to include the donor’s name. Chartiers-Houston High School prides itself in providing to students a comprehensive education that includes the arts. A diverse group of clubs, including the Art Club, Drama Club, and the Jazz Band provide artistic opportunities to interested students.

Assistant High School Principal, Kurt Kesneck, commented, “As a proud graduate of Chartiers-Houston, I am aware of the rich tradition and commitment to excellence which is instilled in our students by the community. The Scholarship Fund for the Arts is further evidence of the community’s support of our students.