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Three Oaks Scholarship Fund

Three Oak Scholarship Fund temp artwork

Created in 2018 by anonymous donors, the Three Oaks Scholarship Fund supports eligible graduating seniors from Burgettstown High School who are planning to attend an accredited post-secondary trade or technical school.

“Of the more than 30 scholarship funds of the WCCF, the majority are for students pursuing associate degrees or bachelor degrees. At the Community Foundation we recognize that some students are better suited to careers in the trades and we also know that there is an acute need for skilled workers in diverse industries in our region. We applaud the donors who created the Three Oaks Scholarship Fund for recognizing the importance of helping young people train for jobs that are best suited for their individual talents and are also critical for our local workforce,” remarked Betsie Trew, WCCF President & CEO.

To encourage eligible students to apply, the only criterion to select the scholarship recipients shall be the student’s aptitude for the chosen course of study. In the selection process preference shall be given to those students who have received the highest recommendations regarding aptitude, from educators and administrators in the Burgettstown School District.