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Acorn Fund

Provides restricted grants to charities which are having an impact in our community, and provides unrestricted grants made possible by our annual WCCF Gives giving event.

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare - 

projects to protect wildlife and to provide care to domesticated animals.

Arts & Humanities

Arts & Humanities

projects that benefit arts education and arts appreciation, including the performing, visual, and creative arts, as well as cultural and historic projects in our community.

Community Improvement & Economic Development

Community Improvement & Economic Development -

projects that focus on strengthening, unifying and building the economic, cultural, educational and social services, and the spirit of any community or neighborhood. 

conservation and environment

Conservation & Environment -

projects to protect the environment, to ensure biodiversity, including conservation, protection of ecosystems, and agricultural projects, and to educate the community regarding conservation and environmental issues.


Education -

projects to enhance the education experience for persons of any age, including literacy and lifelong learning.

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness -

projects that promote the physical and emotional health of the community, including medical services, counseling, fitness, and wellness programs.

Human Needs

Human Needs -

projects that give aid, comfort, support or assistance to children and youth, senior citizens, or the indigent.

Religion & Faith-Based

Religion & Faith -

projects that promote interdenominational sharing and understanding and that emphasize the importance of spiritual growth and development.