African American Community Fund

African American Community Fund Logo

The African American Community Fund Logo is inspired by traditional patchwork quilts.

Initiated in 2022, the African American Community Fund seeks to promote and support the African American community in Washington County in five focus areas: culture, community development, education and enrichment, history and preservation, and entrepreneurship.

The first round of grants from the Fund will be awarded in the second quarter of 2023.

Nonprofit organizations who would like to be considered for a grant should submit a request via the "APPLY" button through February 28.


Requests may range from $1,000 to $5,000. A primary goal of the Fund is to empower community members to think creatively to design or sustain programs and projects for the African American community. However, grants will only be issued to nonprofit organizations so interested community members are required to apply for a grant through an established nonprofit organization.

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The African American Community Fund will support a range of community-focused activities.

Celebrate African American Cultural Heritage

Such as Juneteenth events, festivals, programs, speakers, ethnic foods, performing arts, other formalized gatherings that serve to promote a sense of community and inclusion.

Support African American Education and Enrichment

Such as STEM/STEAM camps, music camps, art camps, curriculum development, field trips, or supply and equipment needs.

Support African American Community Development

Such as building construction or rehabilitation, playgrounds, community gardens, or to meet a match requirement for other funding sources.

Support African American History and Preservation

Such as historical or genealogical research, preservation of churches, cemeteries, and other sites important to the community including recognized locations of the Underground Railroad.

Support African American Entrepreneurship

Such as awarding prize money for African American cohorts of business incubators, or supporting dues of professional or service organizations for African Americans.