Give 365

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What Can You Do With One Dollar?

Buy a coffee. Download a song. Make an impact.

Three hundred sixty-five days a year someone is helped by the Washington County Community Foundation (WCCF).

Via grants, scholarships, as well as free programs and assistance for local charities, the WCCF has spent more than 20 years enhancing the quality of life in Washington County in countless ways.

Much good has been accomplished in that time.
However, there is still great need within our community, and WCCF cannot continue to grow without sufficient operational resources.

Through Give 365, your operational contribution of only $1 per day will enable us to maximize the WCCF's impact in our community.

Won't you empower us to help more, give more, and do more in Washington County through a contribution to Give 365?

Your support is a gift that we will cherish.