Give 365

Three hundred and sixty-five days per year someone is helped by the work of the Washington County Community Foundation (WCCF).

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That someone might be one of the more than 300 local students who received a scholarship over the last year or one of the thousands of local students attending one of the 14 public school districts which have received WCCF grants to enhance their educational programs. That someone may be a senior citizen, a widow, a child, or a special-needs adult, who depends on one of several food service programs that are supported by the WCCF.

That someone may be a homeless veteran who is receiving counseling as a result of a WCCF grant, or a disadvantaged youth who is thriving in an after-school program funded in part by a WCCF grant. The list of those helped by the WCCF would fill an entire page, as grants are issued to more than 100 local charities each year in the following areas: Arts & Humanities, Community Improvement, Education, Environment & Animal Welfare, Health & Fitness, Human Needs, Religion & Faith-Based.

A portion of the revenue needed to operate the WCCF is obtained from the fees that we charge. But because so many of our charitable services are free, we must rely on donors who provide operational gifts to the WCCF. Operational gifts help to ensure that no student is charged a fee for applying for a scholarship, as is the case with other scholarship programs. Operational gifts also help to maximize the grant amounts going to our charities and educational institutions. Additionally, operational gifts help to ensure that we can continue to provide free to local charities, educational programs, a community-wide day of giving, and a dedicated website filled with stories of how lives have been changed by the work of our charities.

YOU can be a part of making our community better by making an operational gift to the Give 365 annual fund of the WCCF. YOU choose the amount. YOU choose the manner of payment. YOU choose the frequency of your giving.

For additional details, please review the Give 365 Contribution Form.

Thank you in advance for your support. TOGETHER, we will do great things for our community, three-hundred and sixty-five days per year!