Community Foundation Announces $150,000 Grants Program for Small Libraries

May 02, 2019

The Washington County Community Foundation (WCCF) is pleased to announce the creation of a special capacity-building grants program from its Community CARE Fund (CCF) to support small, independent, community-based libraries in Washington County. Up to $150,000 will be issued in CCF grants to small libraries during this cycle. To be eligible to apply for a grant, the library must be independent, located in Washington County and have an annual operating budget of $200,000 or less. School libraries, medical libraries, and other libraries which operate as a part of another institution are not eligible to participate. The maximum grant award will be $25,000 and grant requests must be submitted via the Foundation’s website by June 1. Grants will be announced in the third quarter.

“Libraries are an integral part of a vibrant community but we know that some of our small local libraries are struggling to secure the necessary revenue to operate and so they are not likely to be able to consider purchases to build their capacity,” said Betsie Trew, President & CEO. “Through our Community CARE Fund, we wish to help these small libraries to increase their capacity to better serve the individuals in their respective communities.”

The Foundation defines capacity building as any activity that strengthens a charity’s ability to fulfill its mission over time, and enhances the charity’s ability to have a positive impact on individuals and our community. Grants may be awarded to update a library’s technology, to expand its programming, to initiate a development plan to grow the library’s donor base, or to improve a library’s electronic communications. Any activity that increases the library’s internal capacity will be considered.

The WCCF is prepared to work individually with interested libraries to determine the most appropriate grant request for that particular library. Interested libraries are encouraged to contact the WCCF at 724-222-6330 or

A 501(c)(3) charitable corporation, the Washington County Community Foundation began operations in December of 1995 and ended that year with a mere $5,000 in assets. Today the WCCF manages more than $38,000,000 in assets and is the largest publicly-supported grant-making foundation headquartered in Washington County. Cumulatively, grants of more than $14,000,000 have been awarded from the approximate 200 funds of the Foundation. The Foundation also maintains the historic Samuel T. Brownlee House in Eighty Four, PA, where it is headquartered, and annually conducts a day of giving which benefits more than 100 local charities.