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More than $127,000 Awarded from Range Resources Good Neighbors Fund at WCCF

Smith Township Police Department Photo Richard White Chief Winford La Rue Christina Kramer Sgt Bruce Carlton and Betsie Trew
From left to right: WCCF Trustee Richard White, Smith Township Police Department Chief Winford LaRue, Range Resources Community Relations Specialist Christina Kramer, Smith Township Police Department Sergeant Bruce Carlton, and WCCF President & CEO Betsie Trew

EIGHTY FOUR, Pa. – A total of $127,597 in grants from the Range Resources Good Neighbors Fund at the Washington County Community Foundation was recently awarded to 32 local first responder organizations. The grants will help purchase a variety of items including rescue tools, personal protective equipment, and firearms, as well as support critical facility upgrades.

“Every day, our local first responders are willing to sacrifice a great deal in order to perform their jobs, so we want to do our part in supporting them so they can help keep all of us safe,” said Range Resources Community Relations Specialist Christina Kramer. “This year’s grant cycle was different, as we saw how the revenue streams of our community’s emergency services organizations had been impacted by the pandemic. The 32 grants awarded this year are a way for us to express our gratitude for the hard work and dedication of these first responders, especially over the last year.”

Canonsburg VFD
In 2021, the Canonsburg Volunteer Fire Department received a $2,500 grant for ventilation fans.

Established by its namesake in 2018, the Range Resources Good Neighbors Fund supports fire and police departments and other emergency management services organizations in Range’s core operating area. The fund was made possible through the partnership of Range and its many contractors.

“We are now in our fourth year of partnering with Range Resources on the Range Resources Good Neighbors Fund, which has cumulatively awarded well over $457,000 to local first responder organizations. Not only does our partnership with Range provide a unique funding opportunity at the WCCF, but our relationship also serves as a fantastic illustration of how the Foundation can help donors to reach their charitable goals in an efficient and meaningful way,” WCCF President & CEO Betsie Trew said. “We are grateful to Range for their continued generosity to the local heroes who risk so much to safeguard our community.”

Chartiers Police Department
As part of this year’s cycle, the Chartiers Township Police Department received a grant of $5,000 for a computer upgrade.

To date, the Range Resources Good Neighbors Fund has supported 43 different first responder organizations throughout the region.

As part of the 2021 competitive grant cycle, the following organizations received awards: Ambulance and Chair EMS, Amwell Township Volunteer Fire Department, Avella Volunteer Fire Department, Burgettstown Volunteer Fire Company, Canonsburg Volunteer Fire Department,

Mt Pleasant VFC
A $3,600 grant was awarded to the Mt. Pleasant Township Volunteer Fire Department for physical fitness equipment.

Cecil Township Volunteer Fire Company #3 of Millers Run, Cecil Township Volunteer Fire Company #1 of Lawrence, Chartiers Township Police Department, Chartiers Township Volunteer Fire Department, Ellsworth Volunteer Fire Company, Fallowfield Township Volunteer Fire Company and Relief Association, Hanover Volunteer Fire Department of Washington County, Independence Volunteer Fire Company #1, Jefferson Township Volunteer Fire Department of Eldersville, McDonald Police Department, McDonald Volunteer Fire Department, Memorial Park Post 764 VFW Ambulance Service, Midway Volunteer Fire Department of Washington County, Morris Township Volunteer Fire Department, Mt. Pleasant Township Police Department, Mt. Pleasant Township Volunteer Fire Company, North Strabane Township Police Department, North Strabane Township Volunteer Fire Department, Slovan Volunteer Fire Department, Smith Township Police Department, South Strabane Fire Department, South Strabane Township Police Department, SouthBridge Emergency Medical Services, Taylorstown Volunteer Fire Company, Washington Regional SWAT, West Alexander VFD, and West Finley Volunteer Fire Company.

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