Over $300,000 in Scholarships Available from WCCF

March 09, 2021

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Eighty Four, PA – The Washington County Community Foundation is currently accepting applications for more than 40 post-secondary scholarships. Each scholarship is unique, according to its donor’s wishes. The scholarships target students graduating from specific high schools, pursuing specific areas of study, and demonstrating financial need. Students are encouraged to learn more about each of the available scholarships by visiting www.wccf.net.

Applications must be submitted electronically using the online post-secondary scholarship application available at www.wccf.net. The scholarships have different requirements, so the application for each should be reviewed thoroughly. In cases where a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) student aid report and transcript are required, hard-copy documentation must be provided to the WCCF office at:

1253 Route 519
P.O. Box 308
Eighty Four, PA 15330

Applicants need only supply one copy of their transcript, SAT and/or ACT scores, FAFSA student aid report, and letters of recommendation, even if they are applying for more than one scholarship.

The WCCF must receive all applications and supporting documentation by April 1 in order for a student to be considered for a scholarship.

The available post-secondary scholarships are as follows:

Carol L. Berthold Scholarship Fund for Dance - $20,000 available / Washington County students / dance major

Black Family Scholarship - $2,000 available / Avella or West Greene students / agriculture, education, or nursing major

Buckholt Science Scholarship - $500 available / McGuffey students / science major

Burgettstown Lions Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / Burgettstown students / community service

Burgettstown Jr. Sr. High Student Council Leadership Scholarship Fund - $500 available / Burgettstown students active in Student Council

CAS / Dr. Kim Stacher Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / students graduating from any high school in Washington County or Greene County / preference for former students of the Community Action Southwest Head Start program

Chapman Family Scholarship Fund - $30,000 available / students graduating from any high school in Washington County or Greene County attending any post-secondary school, including trade and technical schools

John & Sophie Choratch Scholarship Fund - $20,000 available / children of Washington County families accepted at or currently attending a post-secondary trade school, college, or university / parent or guardian is employed or volunteers as a first responder in Washington County / preference given to those students whose parent or guardian has been killed in the line of duty, or who have otherwise been affected by local tragedy

Christman Family Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / Washington High School female students who are members of a minority class

Arthur V. Ciervo Scholarship Fund - $500 available / Bethlehem Center students

Margaret Pitek Ciervo Scholarship Fund - $500 available / Bethlehem Center female students

Nicholas Cumer Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / Washington High School students pursuing a degree in medical field, including but not limited to nursing

EQT Scholarship Fund - $77,000 available / Washington County students pursuing an associate's degree or bachelor's degree in a field that is utilized in the energy industry (e.g., computer science or information technology; civil, chemical, or petroleum engineering; energy or land management; environmental science; geology, safety science; or welding)

Joseph P. Femiani Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 available / Peters Township students / community service

D. Jack & Geraldine L. Gaido Memorial Fund - $4,000 available / Chartiers-Houston or Trinity students or home-schooled students residing in these districts / business, medicine, or theology majors

Timothy Edward Hitchon Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / Trinity students who work hard to contribute and whose ability to pursue higher education is impacted by their ability to obtain a scholarship. In the selection process, preference shall be given to students who aren’t already getting other scholarships or who aren’t able to receive a scholarship for scholastic achievements.

David O. and Sara F. Johnson Family Education Fund - $1,000 available / McGuffey students

Ryan Johnston & Vaughn Johnston Scholarship Fund - $2,000 available / McGuffey students

Kerns Family Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / McGuffey students / Future Farmers of America / agriculture major

Kiwanis Club of Washington Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / Western Area Career and Technology Center students or students planning to attend Penn Commercial Business and Technical School

William L. & Barbara M. Laird Fund - $1,000 available / McGuffey students / elementary education major

Linda LeFever Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / Heinz College of Carnegie Mellon University / resident of Washington County or Allegheny County

William and Sara Litle and Roy and Sara McCullough Scholarship Fund - $1,200 available / Washington or Greene County students entering their first year at Washington & Jefferson College / major in music or economics

Loughman Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / Fort Cherry students / community involvement / students pursuing education or nursing given special consideration

Alice Boone Main Memorial Fund - $500 available / McGuffey students

George and Mary Matijevich Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / Burgettstown, Avella, and Fort Cherry students pursuing post-secondary education in the fields of electronics, mechanics, mechatronics, machine tool technology, or other related field

Cynthia McCuen Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / McGuffey students / major in the field of medicine

Ronald T. Miller Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / Peters Township students / engineering major

Sam & Bev Minor Fund - $1,000 available / students graduating from a Washington County or Greene County high school / preference given to students who demonstrate a propensity for entrepreneurialism, who have been employed while attending high school, or who have participated in Junior Achievement

Kirk C. Moninger Fund - $400 available / Trinity students / National Honor Society / varsity lacrosse

Charles Pappas, Sr. Scholarship Fund - $500 available / Burgettstown students

Dave Pew Memorial Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / Peters Township students / music or music education majors

Megan J. Phillis Scholarship Fund for Academic Excellence - $500 available / Burgettstown students

Ringgold Alumni Scholarship Fund - $250 available / Ringgold students

Rebecca Sarah Rogers Scholarship Fund - $1,500 available / Washington students / education major

Olivia Scott Scholarship Fund - $2,000 available / McGuffey students and students graduating from any other high school in Washington County

Scholarship Fund for the Arts - $1,000 available / Chartiers-Houston students / majoring in the arts

Sprowls College and Post Graduate Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / Fort Cherry students / preference for students demonstrating a passion for the humanities

Clyde J. Tracanna / Washington Rotary Club Scholarship - $3,000 available / McGuffey, Washington, or Trinity students / community service

Three Oaks Scholarship Fund - $10,000 available / Burgettstown High seniors planning to attend an accredited trade or technical school / must show good aptitude for chosen course of study with recommendations from educators and administrators in the Burgettstown School District

Curtis Wachter Memorial Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / photography or photojournalism major / resident of Washington County

Washington County Gay Straight Alliance Scholarship Fund - $8,000 available / Washington County students who have advocated for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, questioning, queer, asexual, and allied community.

Washington County Visiting Nurses’ Association Scholarship Fund - $4,000 available / second-year nursing students / resident of Washington County

Washington Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Scholarship Fund - $1,000 available / students residing in Washington County and enrolling in the nursing program at Washington Hospital School of Nursing

Ralph W. Young Family Scholarship - $100,000 available / Bethlehem-Center, Charleroi Area, or Ringgold students planning to attend a public post-secondary educational facility within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania / good citizenship

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About the WCCF

The Foundation, the largest publicly supported grant-making foundation headquartered in Washington County, has awarded approximately $20 million in grants since its inception. In addition to administering a broad grant-making program, the Foundation hosts an annual community-wide day of giving, WCCF Gives, and awards scholarships to post-secondary and pre-kindergarten students, as well as students in kindergarten through grade 12 attending non-public schools. Cumulatively, more than $3,200,000 has been awarded from all of the Foundation’s scholarship funds. The WCCF was one of the first community foundations in the country to be approved for the National Standards for Community Foundations and was recently reaccredited for its continued commitment to philanthropic excellence. To learn more about the WCCF’s scholarship opportunities, please visit www.wccf.net.