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WCCF Awards more than $288,000 in Scholarships to Area Students

The Watchful Shepherd USA is a national non-profit family abuse prevention program that provides electronic alarm systems to victims of abuse to summon local emergency services at the press of a button.

The Washington County Community Foundation (WCCF) has completed its post-secondary scholarship cycle for 2021, awarding 76 scholarships totaling $298,650. The funds, students, high schools, and awards are:

Alice Boone Main Memorial Fund– Shelby Dobrzynski, McGuffey High School, received $500.

Arthur V. Ciervo Scholarship Fund – Alissa Minerd, Bethlehem-Center High School, received $500.

Black Family Scholarship Fund – Two students, Krysten DeBolt, West Greene High School, and Chelsi Bertovich, Avella Jr./Sr. High School, each received $1,000.

Buckholt Science Scholarship Fund – Sarah Moore, McGuffey High School, received $500.

Burgettstown Jr.-Sr. High School Student Council Leadership Scholarship Fund – Kailey Karas, Burgettstown Area Middle/High School, received $500.

Burgettstown Lions Club Scholarship Fund – Three Burgettstown Area Middle/High School students received scholarships from this fund: Hannah McConaghy received $500; Kailey Karas and Emily Lemmon each received awards of $250 each.


Carol L. Berthold Scholarship Fund– Bethany Decker, Canon-McMillan High School, received $20,000.

CAS/Dr. Kim Stacher Scholarship Fund– Trenton Antill, Southeastern Greene School District, received $1,000.

Chapman Family Scholarship Fund– Nine awards were provided by this fund. Recipients of $2,000 each are: Hayden Abbott, Burgettstown Area Middle/High School; Chase Blake, West Greene High School; Rachel Crossan, Peters Township High School; and Brian Hughes, West Greene High School. Recipients of $4,000 each are: Courtney Ambrose, Bentworth High School; Jonathan Baronick, Burgettstown Area Middle/High School; Lily Hefner, Trinity Area High School; Noelle Hunter, Bethlehem-Center High School; and Hannah Waychoff, Trinity Area High School.

Charles Pappas, Sr. Scholarship Fund – Emily Lemmon, Burgettstown Area Middle/High School, received $500.

Christman Family Scholarship Fund – Jazmine Schultz, Washington High School, received $2,000.

Clyde J. Tracanna/Washington Rotary Club Educational & Vocational Fund – Three awards of $1,000 each went to Abigail White, McGuffey High School; Allen Zheng, Trinity Area High School; and Rachel Spina, Washington High School.


Curtis Wachter Scholarship Fund – Grace Barnett, Canon-McMillan High School, received $1,000.

Cynthia McCuen Scholarship Fund – Alexa Wilson, McGuffey High School, received $1,000.

D. Jack & Geraldine L. Gaido Memorial Scholarship Fund– Ashley Navarro, Chartiers-Houston Junior/Senior High School, received $4,000.

David O. & Sara F. Johnson Family Education Fund– Keira Nicolella, McGuffey High School, received $1,000.

EQT Scholarship Fund Emma Gilpin, Charleroi Area High School, received $72,000. Awards of $1,000 each went to: Tyler Liberatore, Canon-McMillan High School; Christopher Bennett, Canon-McMillan High School; Eric Mehlman, Trinity High School; Jake Bode, Peters Township High School; and Noah Audas, Peters Township High School.

George & Mary Matijevich Scholarship Fund – Nasier Sutton, Fort Cherry Jr./Sr. High School, received $1,000.

John & Sophie Choratch Scholarship Fund– Seven students received awards of $4,000 each from this fund: Austin Cochran, Canon-McMillan High School; Austin Joseph, Fort Cherry Jr./Sr. High School; Sierra Kuzak, Bethel Park High School; Aidan Riley, Avella Jr./Sr. High School; Colleen Fogg, Bentworth High School; Madyson Frazee, Trinity Area High School; and Trent Cavanaugh, Bentworth High School.


Joseph P. Femiani Memorial Scholarship – Rachael Gavlik, Peters Township High School, received $1,000.

Kirk C. Moninger Fund Abigail Gottschall, Trinity Area High School, received $400.

Loughman Scholarship Fund Ayla Podrasky, Fort Cherry Jr./Sr. High School, received $1,000.

Margaret Pitek Ciervo Scholarship Fund – Jessica Samol, Bethlehem-Center High School, received $500.

Megan J. Phillis Scholarship Fund for Academic Excellence– Kristie Baloga, Burgettstown Area Middle/High School, received $500.

Nicholas Cumer Scholarship FundRachel Spina, Washington High School, received $1,000.

Olivia Scott Scholarship Fund – John Franz, McGuffey High School, and Madeline Gillo, Chartiers-Houston Junior/Senior High School, each received $1,000.

Ralph W. Young Family Scholarship Fund – Nine awards of $10,000 each went to Anna Sloan, Bethlehem-Center High School; Kristen Gamble, Ringgold High School; Haylee Falcon, Bethlehem-Center High School; Aspen Virgili, Charleroi Area High School; Jennifer Zelenick, Bethlehem-Center High School; Vincent Clutter, Bethlehem-Center High School; Lucas Pajak, Ringgold High School; and Zachary Bogumit, Bethlehem-Center High School.

Rebecca Sarah Rogers Scholarship Fund – Hailey Deagel, Washington High School, received $1,500.


Ringgold Alumni Scholarship Fund – Kristen Gamble, Ringgold High School, received $250.

Ronald T. Miller, II Scholarship Fund – Noah Audas, Peters Township High School, received $1,000.

Ryan Johnston & Vaughn Johnston Scholarship Fund ­­– McGuffey High School students Nathan Witkowsky and Summer Crow each received $1,000.

Sam & Bev Minor Fund – Paige Hellems, Waynesburg Central High School, received $1,000.

Sprowls College & Post-Graduate Scholarship Fund – Reagan Carter, Fort Cherry Jr./Sr. High School, received $1,000.

Three Oaks Scholarship Fund – Burgettstown Area Middle/High School students Hayden Abbott and Turner Lehman each received awards of $4,000.

Timothy Edward Hitchon Scholarship Fund – Dylan King, Trinity Area High School, received $1,000.

Washington County Gay Straight Alliance Scholarship Fund Jaden Spiker, Chartiers-Houston Junior/Senior High School, and Sophia Curry, Lincoln Park Performing Arts School, each received $4,000.

Washington County Visiting Nurses’ Association Scholarship Fund – Akira Wheeler, Wheeling University, and Emma Frazier, Waynesburg University, each received $2,000.

Washington Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Fund – Nathan Kalamaras, Bethlehem-Center High School, received $1,000.

William L. & Barbara M. Laird Fund – Sarah Masteller, McGuffey High School, received $1,000.