WCCF Gives Grants Exceed One Million Dollars!

November 01, 2019

Dm Gives Group Shot 2

For the first time in its history, WCCF Gives, a community-wide day of giving held each September, resulted in grants of more than $1,000,000 to local charities! Grants of $1,058,581 were issued in October to 113 participating charities. The event has grown 150% since its inception in 2013, and cumulatively has raised more than $5.3 million in support of charitable activities in Washington County. This year a total of 2,800 donors made over 4,700 gifts, also setting records for the event.

Each year the WCCF has secured a $100,000 bonus pool to encourage giving. The bonus pool is distributed 50% by the number of donors and 50% by the dollars contributed.

“The bonus pool has been the driving force behind the success of WCCF Gives,” stated Betsie Trew, President & CEO. “Considering the number of donors, as well as total dollars, to distribute the bonus pool has been most beneficial to smaller charities who traditionally have many donors contributing modest amounts, and to modest donors whose gifts are at or near the minimum of $25. This year the bonus pool increased a $25 contribution by roughly 48% to $37.08; a $50 contribution by roughly 27% to $63.47; and a $100 contribution by roughly 16% to $116.25.”

But major donors also see benefits in the day of giving, as they are able to support multiple charities with one transaction. The largest gift this year was $50,000 and was used to support 13 local charities. The second largest gift of $44,500 was used to support 12 charities.

Ups Gives 2019 Smaller

An additional benefit to local charities, is that the WCCF has never charged a fee to charities, as other community foundations have done. To help cover the cost to administer this event, the UPS Foundation issued a $10,000 grant to the WCCF.

Sponsors of WCCF Gives 2019 include: ANSYS, Chapman Corporation, Washington Financial Charitable Foundation, Alex E. Paris Contracting, Observer-Reporter, Washington Auto Mall, Atlas Services, and the WCCF Acorn Fund.

Of total gifts in 2019, 45% were designated to Human Services organizations, with the Washington City Mission receiving the most gifts in this category and the most gifts overall. Educational organizations (including libraries) received 16% of total gifts and were led by the Monongahela Area Library. Animal Welfare organizations received 15% of total gifts and were led by the Washington Area Humane Society. Heritage organizations received 9% of total gifts and were led by the National Duncan Glass Society. Arts organizations received 6% of total gifts and were led by Little Lake Theatre.

Other organizations of note that increased both their donors and dollars over last year include the Chartiers-Houston Public Library, John K. Tener Library, Frank Sarris Library, Mariana Public Library, Domestic Violence Services of SWPA, Literacy Council of SWPA, and Meals on Wheels @ the Crossroads.

Grants to participating charities were distributed at five Gives Gatherings events, which were hosted at different charity locations throughout Washington County. This opportunity provided the additional benefit of enabling charity representatives to learn about the programs provided by other local charities. For more complete information about WCCF Gives, please visit www.wccfgives.org.

Top photo: WCCF Gives Sponsors, Charity Representatives, as well as WCCF Trustees and Staff gather at the Duncan & Miller Glass Museum in Washington to celebrate the success of WCCF Gives 2019.

Center photo: UPS Freight Manager Joseph Young presents a $10,000 grant from the UPS Foundation to WCCF Chairman Lynne Stout. This first-time gift helped the Foundation to administer WCCF Gives day.

About the WCCF

The WCCF promotes and facilitates local philanthropy and is the largest publicly supported grant-making foundation headquartered in Washington County. In addition to hosting an annual day of giving, the WCCF administers a broad grant-making program and provides educational seminars at no charge for local charities. To learn more about the Foundation’s activities, please visit www.wccf.net.