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Angel Ridge Animal Rescue

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Shelter and sanctuary for animals

Programs and Services

  • Angel Ridge Animal Rescue is a 501©(3) no-kill shelter and sanctuary for dogs, cats and horses. It is located on 50 acre Angel Ridge farm in Washington, Pennsylvania. Angel Ridge provides a permanent home and cares for animals that are not adoptable due to their age, handicap, breed, or temperament. We also provide temporary homes (with the ultimate goal of securing permanent homes) for: animals that are adoptable, but who cannot get a place in a traditional shelter or who have medical problems that preclude them from living in a shelter; animals that will not adapt well to a traditional shelter or have been in a shelter for an extended period of time; and animals living in a shelter who have become aggressive due to their environment and are retrainable but in danger of being euthanized in the shelter scenario.
  • Angel Ridge Animal Rescue is set up in a manner that is unique from a traditional shelter. There are three large dog communities that are each equipped with 288 square foot buildings referred to as the "doggie condos." These condos hold the dogs' food, water, and raised dog beds. The condos are also equipped with heat and air conditioning. A dog door provides access to the exercise yard. There are three other areas that are equipped to handle smaller groups of dogs. Some of our elderly dogs and puppies are housed in a building with doggie door access to a deck. The dogs' living quarters are in this building. This building is also equipped with a small clinic room.
  • The cats on the property are housed in the equestrian facility. These cats like to spend most of their time in the lounge, socializing with visitors to the barn. Some special needs cats are housed in our business office.
  • The horses are housed in our modern stable. They are allowed daily turn out in our fields. The barn is equipped with a large wash stall perfect for giving our horses a bath or grooming them. There is also an outdoor riding area on the property. For the colder months, we have a large indoor arena. Angel Ridge Animal Rescue is also unique in that it specializes in the care of handicapped, aged and abused animals with the ultimate goal of placing these animals in forever homes. Most of these dogs who are handicapped, abused and elderly can live in the community groups with the other dogs. Our special "angels" are featured in our Guardian Angel Program. These are dogs, cats and horses which may require our care for the rest of their lives. For more information on these animals, please see our Become a Guardian Angel Page.
  • Provide clean shelter, food and medical attention to abandoned, stray, and difficult to place dogs, cats ,and horses.
  • Particpate at Petco and Petsmart locations at ADOPTION events with adoptable cats and dogs for shoppers to see rescued sheltered animals.
  • Support local animal control officials with abandoned, cruelty cases and lost animals in need.
  • Volunteers sell calendars, hold Bingo fundraiser, and have Barktoberfest event to raise funds for food and supplies and medical attention.
  • Provide spay and neutering to all shelter animals.

Primary Revenue Sources

General contributions, contributions from trusts and estates, fundraisers

Primary Fundraising Event

Annual bingo event

2013 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1853565
Net Assets$143,707


Name:Nancy Shannon
Web Site:angelridgeanimalrescue.org
Address:390 Old Hickory Ridge Road
Washington, PA 15347

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