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Preschool, Primary and Secondary School

Lifelong Learning Grants for Preschool, Primary and Secondary School

The Foundation provides need-based lifelong learning grants for preschool, primary school and secondary school students, in compliance with the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program and the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program. Grants are made possible by corporate contributions, and the grant amounts in any year are determined by the total amount of contributions received. A universal grant application is used to accept grant requests for the following funds:

EPK Fund

Awards need-based grants to students attending a qualifying pre-school (pre-kindergarten) program.

ESO Fund

Awards need-based grants to students attending a non-public kindergarten through grade 12 program.

EOS Fund

Awards need-based grants to students who reside within the boundary of a low-achieving school to attend a participating nonpublic school or a participating public school outside of the recipient’s school district of residence. “Low-achieving schools” are defined as a public elementary or secondary school in Pennsylvania ranking in the bottom 15 percent of their designation as an elementary or secondary school based upon combined math and reading PSSA scores.

Grant cycle opens October 1.

Please Note: A lifelong learning grant can be rescinded if it is determined, in the sole discretion of the WCCF, that a student’s application contained information that was inaccurate, that upon consideration of facts unknown at the time the application was evaluated that the student, or the program the student intends to attend, fails to meet the grant qualifications, or that through a change in circumstances the student no longer meets the grant qualifications. Other circumstances that could lead to the recission of a grant include but are not limited to: if a student is placed on academic and/or disciplinary probation, or if a student does not enroll full-time in a program of study for the time period in which the award is to be in effect. The WCCF has the sole and exclusive authority to make decisions as to eligibility.