WCCF Scholarships

Scholarship applications will be open early March 2021.

The Washington County Community Foundation is home to more than 35 permanent scholarships, and each has its own eligibility and criteria requirements. Many scholarships target students graduating from specific high schools, some for specific areas of study and others for financial need. Each scholarship is unique according to its donor's wishes.

For details on available scholarships, please click on the links below.

Students must complete an online scholarship application in order to be considered for any post-secondary scholarship award. The deadline to apply is April 1.

UPDATE: In light of the recent school closures affecting Washington County and Greene County, the Community Foundation will be waiving its requirements for the following supporting documentation: transcripts, letters of recommendation, and hard copies of SAT/ACT scores. However, students who are able to provide this documentation by the April 1 deadline are encouraged to do so.

Questions regarding post-secondary scholarships or the application process should be directed to scholar@wccf.net.