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Strategic Plan

In 2021 the Washington County Community Foundation (WCCF) initiated a review of its Strategic Plan 2016 (SP 2016).

The SP 2016 had been adopted after a comprehensive process to capture many stakeholder voices in a variety of meaningful ways. Included in that process were a Board retreat, SWOT analysis, community survey, community forum, focus groups, community leader interviews, research on best practices, and benchmarking against other community foundations.

Since the SP 2016 was adopted, the financial assets of the WCCF have grown considerably, and have transformed the Grants Program. While the three broad Strategies of SP 2016 are still relevant, many of the Methods and Actions had been accomplished. And there was a desire to streamline the plan and to adjust to fit a three-year schedule.

To continue to provide a forum for stakeholders to have input into the strategic planning process, the WCCF contracted with a local consulting firm in 2021 to conduct two community engagement surveys. The first survey was targeted primarily to donors and community leaders. The second survey was targeted primarily to our nonprofit partners. The Strategic Plan 2022-2024 includes many of the recommendations received through the community engagement surveys.

The Strategic Plan 2022-2024 includes three broad strategies:

  • Strategy A - Grow the assets, strategically and responsibly, to achieve sufficient scale to meet the mission.
  • Strategy B - Position the WCCF as a community leader.
  • Strategy C - Position the WCCF as a resource for area charities to assist them in helping to improve the quality of life in the community.