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Strategy C

Position the WCCF as a resource for area charities to assist them in helping to improve the quality of life in the community.

Goal A: Increase the WCCF’s capacity to serve as a resource for area charities.

Method 1: Increase WCCF staffing.

  • Action 1: Subject to budgetary constraints, create a new staff position of Manager, Non-Profit Leadership and Engagement. Completed. New employee started May 1.

Goal B: Strengthen charitable governance practices in Washington County.

Method 1: Increase training opportunities for charity employees and volunteers.

  • Action 1: Develop and implement a six-month certificate program for charity employees. Developed curriculum and convened the first class in September 2023
  • Action 2: Develop and implement a six-month certificate program for charity board leadership. Implementation anticipated for 2024. 

Goal C: Improve the financial acumen of small local charities.

Method 1: Identify charities that need to strengthen financial knowledge and processes.

  • Action 1: Determine which charities do not have audited financial statements. Have identified 10 charities and encouraged them to apply for a Capacity-Building Grant. There has been some initial reluctance but the new Presidents Silver Award which requires applicants to be audited, is gaining attention and could result in a few charities moving toward a full audit. Hosted an educational session in December 2023 in which Gary Kissinger, a CPA who audits several local nonprofits, explained the difference between a compilation, a review and an audit.
  • Action 2: Using grants and technical assistance, assist those charities in improving their financial processes by providing grants to purchase accounting software and related equipment, and to pay for the initial audit. Have already issued some grants for financial process improvement, more to follow.