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Strategy A

Grow the assets, strategically and responsibly, to achieve sufficient scale to meet the mission.

Goal A: Increase emphasis on securing sufficient operating revenue to meet the mission.

Method 1: Increase annual contributions for operational gifts via the Golden Oak Guild donor recognition society.

  • Action 1: Secure testimonials from existing members regarding why they support the operations of the WCCF. Using the testimonials conduct an e-campaign in August and early September to promote gifts to the WCCF via WCCF Gives. Social media post and e-blast encouraged contributions to the WCCF. Received $34,947 for 2023 WCCF Gives (more than any prior year).
  • Action 2: Increase the distribution list for the personalized mailed solicitation to individuals and businesses in November to secure new members of the Golden Oak Guild, and to secure gifts from existing members.

    Secured 14 new members in 2022. Excluding unusual gifts, received a total of $104,475 in 2022. In progress for 2023.

  • Action 3: On an annual basis, connect individually with at least 12 Golden Oak Guild prospects. No progress. 

Method 2: Secure a new administrative endowment of at least $500,000 which will be targeted to the staff expense of facilitating nonprofit training sessions, technical assistance and other services to area nonprofits.

  • Action 1:

    On an annual basis, meet individually with at least 12 new professional advisors to educate the advisor regarding the services of the WCCF. In progress. Met with three new advisors in 2022, and eight new advisors in 2023.

  • Action 2: Identify and meet with individuals capable of making five-figure gifts to the new endowment.

Goal B: Increase cultivation of professional advisors (attorneys, bankers, accountants, etc) to identify prospects for major gifts.

Method 1: Develop new relationships with advisors not yet connected to the WCCF.

  • Action 1: On an annual basis, meet individually with at least 12 new professional advisors to educate the advisor regarding the services of the WCCF.

Method 2: Strengthen relationships with existing professional advisors.

  • Action 1: Partner with the Washington County Bar Association to provide increased educational and networking opportunities for local attorneys. We sponsored two educational sessions for the Bar each year in 2022 and 2023.
  • Action 2: Annually, profile one professional advisor who has helped cultivate gifts to the WCCF. Profile to be distributed via e-blasts, social media and in the “Philanthropy Matters” column in the Observer-Reporter. No progress. 

Goal C: Increase emphasis on securing grant-making assets to address the community’s current and long-term needs.

Method 1: Increase emphasis on building discretionary grant-making assets.

  • Action 1: Profile existing discretionary grant-making funds via e-blasts, social media posts and in "Philanthropy Matters".  Planned for Q4 202.
  • Action 2: Communicate with donors of existing discretionary funds or field of interest funds in an effort to secure additional gifts. In progress, but no new money secured.
  • Action 3: Communicate with the donors of donor advised funds of less than $25,000 to encourage the conversation to a discretionary fund or a field of interest fund / or to secure additional gifts. In progress, but no new money secured.

Method 2: Increase emphasis on growing the six special interest funds.
(Acorn Fund, African American Community Fund, Animal Fund, Arts Fund, Mothers Fund, Vision Fund)

  • Action 1: Annually profile a special interest fund via e-blast, social media posts and/or in “Philanthropy Matters.” Profiled Animal Fund in 2022, African American Community Fund in 2023.

Method 3: Increase emphasis on the GIVE Washington County Fund

  • Action 1: Host and/or participate in gatherings of EQT leaseholders to explain the Fund and the EQT match.
  • Action 2: Identify and meet individually with EQT leaseholders to encourage contributions to the Fund.
  • Action 3: Unless anonymity is requested, recognize contributors to the Fund in print and electronic communications to encourage others to give.

Goal D: Develop a CEO Succession Plan (with the anticipated timeline of succession and the attributes we are seeking in our next CEO)

Action 1: Review the existing Leadership Contingency Plan and make amendments as necessary.

Action 2: Designate financial resources to conduct an executive search and/or hire an interim CEO.

Action 3: Solicit input from major stakeholders regarding the CEO succession plan in advance of Board approval.