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Strategy B

Position the WCCF as a community leader

Goal A: Conduct a community needs and assets assessment - Community Snapshot

Method 1: Identify community needs and assets.

  • Action 1: Secure funding for the project. Completed.
  • Action 2: Build partnerships with entities that are already measuring needs. Completed.
  • Action 3: Engage a consultant to spearhead the project. Completed.

Method 2: Create a new website to house the information obtained in the community needs and assets assessment.

  • Action 1: Engage a design firm to develop the custom site. Website launched June 2023.
  • Action 2: Implement a campaign to encourage charity participation and secure content for the site. In progress. Ninety nonprofits have a profile on the website. Several donors used the website to help decide which charities the would support via WCCF Gives.

Goal B: Utilize Community Snapshot to position WCCF as a charitable giving and grant-making expert in Washington County.

Method 1: Initiate a marketing campaign touting the Community Snapshot.

  • Action 1: Convene key prospects, donors, and community leaders to announce the launch of the Community Snapshot. Completed in June 2023. Event was well-attended.
  • Action 2: Broadly publicize the Community Snapshot as a free, useful resource for a diverse cross-section of the community. In progress. Included the Community Snapshot in the September 2023 Philanthropy Matters column in the Observer Reporter. The website was the feature article in the August 2023 printed newsletter. Developed flyer which is being used to make presentations to community groups.
  • Action 3: Specifically highlight examples of donors using the Community Snapshot to guide their charitable giving in existing media channels. No progress.