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Assisting Your Clients With Year-End Giving (October 2016)

Do you have a client who could benefit from a charitable deduction this year but who isn't sure about which charities to support? 

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at the WCCF could be the solution. 

Your donor can establish a DAF in the current year and recommend grants to the charities of their choice in subsequent years.

Donors may contribute a wide variety of assets to create a DAF, including cash, securities, real estate, etc. The minimum to create a non-permanent DAF is $5,000, and the minimum to create a permanent DAF is $25,000. Both amounts may be contributed over a reasonable period of time, and donors can add to the fund at any time and receive tax benefits with each new gift.

Donor Advised Funds (DAF) are just one way the WCCF can work with you to help your clients achieve their personal, financial, and charitable goals. We also provide designated agency, field of interest, and scholarship funds,and can accept planned gifts, charitable gift annuities, charitable lead trusts, and charitable remainder trusts. Some donors use the WCCF to maintain anonymity.

The WCCF is uniquely positioned to facilitate the philanthropic goals of individuals in Washington County. Donors benefit from the Foundation's charitable giving experience, community knowledge and sound investment practices. We are a trusted, community-based vehicle your clients can use to address the issues they care about most, while gaining maximum tax benefit under state and federal law.