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Doubling the Impact of Year-End Giving (November 2023)

Do any of your clients have a land/gas lease with EQT?

If so, you may wish to make them aware of the opportunity to double the impact of their charitable giving and potentially improve their tax situation with a charitable deduction before year’s end.

EQT leaseholders Kris Drach and Chuck Kreuzer understand leverage. When they learned of the opportunity to leverage their giving through a one-to-one match from the EQT Foundation, they quickly responded with a $50,000 gift.

“My husband and I were thrilled to learn about the GIVE Washington County Fund, which allows EQT leaseholders to double their WCCF

donation dollars with matching funds provided by EQT. With the WCCF managing the funds, we also know our donation will be used to the greatest possible benefit across our community,” said Kris Drach.

Drach and Kreuzer
Kris Drach and Chuck Kreuzer

As the first leaseholders to make a contribution to the Fund, Kris and Chuck hope others will follow their lead.

“Kris and Chuck’s philanthropy has supported in a significant manner several worthwhile community organizations over many years. Their recent gift to the GIVE Washington County Fund not only continues their financial support of local community organizations, but it also serves as an example to other EQT landowners to leverage their community giving through the EQT match,” remarked Betsie Trew, WCCF President & CEO.

GIVE Washington County Fundlogo

The perpetual GIVE Washington County Fund was created by the EQT Foundation to serve as a resource for Washington County nonprofits to help evolve their missions and sustain the important work they do for our community. To encourage its landowners to contribute, EQT has pledged to match up to $10,000 per land lease for contributions to the Fund. Grants of no less than $2,500 will be awarded annually from the Fund to nonprofits providing charitable services in Washington County.

If your clients give to the Fund, they can also help to decide which nonprofits benefit from the Fund by serving on the grants committee. Serving on the grants committee could also help educate your clients about the charitable needs in Washington County for any future gifts they might consider.

The Fund can also be used to maintain anonymity. One donor, who has taken advantage of the match with a $10,000 gift remarked, "My family has been blessed and we want to help, but would rather do so quietly."

At the Community Foundation, we stand ready to work with you and your clients to double the impact of their year-end giving through a tax-deductible gift to the GIVE Washington County Fund. Should you have any clients interested in learning more about this unique opportunity, please contact us at 724-222-6330.