Guidelines for Competitive Grant Cycles


The Foundation administers several competitive grant cycles throughout the year and has established specific criteria and application procedures for each cycle. Competitive grant cycles are posted to this page and are frequently announced via the Foundation’s e-newsletter, Charity Matters. If you are not already a subscriber to Charity Matters, you may register by emailing

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Foundation at or 724-222-6330 with questions regarding a specific project or cycle. All competitive grant requests must be submitted electronically using the Foundation's online grant portal.

Direct application to Donor Advised Funds is not permitted. However, the Foundation routinely shares applications received in competitive grant cycles with DAF advisors who may choose to issue a grant from their DAF. Nonprofits may also educate donors about their specific needs through the Foundation’s Community Snapshot website being launched in 2023.

Grant Reports

Grant reports are a grantee’s opportunity to inform the Foundation of its accomplishments and/or challenges regarding a previous grant. Because grant reports are periodically shared with both Foundation Trustees and Donors, a grant report can also serve to initiate conversations that can lead to a future grant. We encourage grantees to view a grant report as an opportunity for continued support, not just a fulfillment of prior support.

A grant report is required for all restricted grants of $5,000 or more. On occasion, there may be other instances in which support from a particular fund will require a report, regardless of the grant amount. In all cases, grant recipients will be informed of the reporting obligation at the time of the award.

The report should be submitted when the grant monies are fully expended or within one year of the date of the grant using the appropriate online grant report. If the grant has not been fully expended within one year, please contact the Foundation to discuss a grant extension or other remedy. Organizations with outstanding grant reports may not apply for or receive any future grants, including day of giving grants, until all required grant reports have been submitted and accepted by the Foundation.

Grant Opportunities

African American Community Fund

Grant Application Due February 28; Grant Portal Opens February 1

Eligible Grantees: Any exempt nonprofit organization providing services in Washington County.

Eligible Requests: Support of an existing or new program or project benefitting the African American community in Washington County in one or more of the following areas: culture, community development, education and enrichment, history and preservation, and entrepreneurship.

Examples of prospective grants include but are not limited to:

· activities that celebrate African American Cultural Heritage such as Juneteenth events, festivals, programs, speakers, ethnic foods, performing arts, other formalized gatherings that serve to promote a sense of community and inclusion;

· activities that support African American Education and Enrichment, such as STEM/STEAM camps, music camps, art camps, curriculum development, field trips, or supply and equipment needs;

· activities that support African American Community Development, such as building construction or rehabilitation, playgrounds, community gardens, or to meet a match requirement for other funding sources;

· activities that support African American History and Preservation, such as historical or genealogical research, preservation of churches, cemeteries, and other sites important to the community including recognized locations of the Underground Railroad;

· activities that support African American Entrepreneurship, such as awarding prize money for African American cohorts of business incubators, or supporting dues of professional or service organizations for African Americans.

Requests should be limited to $5,000.

Range Resources Good Neighbors Fund

Grant Application Due March 31; Grant Portal Opens March 1

Eligible Grantees: Any exempt nonprofit organization providing emergency management services in Range’s core operating area. Such organizations include but are not limited to fire departments and police departments.

Eligible Requests: Support of an existing or new program or project, including but not limited to equipment purchases.

Requests should be limited to $10,000.

Internship Grants

Grant Application due May 1; Grant Portal Opens April 1

Eligible Grantees: Any exempt nonprofit organization providing services in Washington County

Eligible Requests: To provide a monetary stipend to student interns who are performing services for the nonprofit: who are currently enrolled in an accredited course of post‐secondary educational study; and who qualify as an intern under the then applicable, state and federal laws and regulations.

Requests should be limited to $2,500.

Capacity-Building Grants (CBG)

CBG Cycle I: Phase I Application Due April 1; Grant Portal Opens February 1

CBG Cycle II: Phase I Application Due October 1; Grant Portal Opens August 1

Eligible Grantees: Any exempt nonprofit organization providing charitable services in Washington County.

Eligible Requests: Any activity that increases the nonprofit’s operational, programmatic, financial, or organizational maturity. A request must be exclusive to one capacity-building project, not a combination of unrelated projects. Only one CBG request at a time will be considered. Applicants who receive a CBG must wait for a minimum of one year to apply for a second CBG and must have utilized all money from the previous CBG before submitting for a new CBG.

Examples of capacity-building projects include but are not limited to:

  • Improvements to accounting and financial systems*
  • Improvements to communications, such as marketing plans or marketing materials; websites with content management systems*
  • Data management, such as constituent/donor management software or collection management software*
  • Equipment or material purchases
  • Capital campaigns nearing completion of the campaign
  • Facility upgrades to real estate/property owned by the applicant (leasehold improvements will not be considered)
  • Strategic plans
  • Succession plans
  • Program design or program expansion

*Current priority funding areas

Ineligible Requests: Routine projects, to support existing programs, for general operating support, to reduce deficits, for regranting projects, for endowment projects, or for event sponsorships. The WCCF will not accept applications from private foundations or from individuals.

Process: In Phase I, applicants will submit a general overview of the proposed project. Applicants whose requests advance to Phase II will be asked to submit a full proposal by May 1 (CBG Cycle I) or November 1 (CBG Cycle II). The full proposal must provide a clear, concise, comprehensive, cohesive, and compelling project narrative regarding (1) the need for the project and describing who/what will benefit from the project (2) the goals to be achieved (3) the measurable outcomes expected, and (4) details of how the project will be executed. Applicants will also be required to provide a comprehensive project budget, that details all expected revenues and expenses for a project, not just for the amount being requested from the WCCF.

Capacity Building Grants will normally range from $5,000 to $50,000.


Community Library Grant Cycle

Grant Application due November 1

Eligible Grantees: Any community based library providing services in Washington County.

Eligible Requests: Community libraries may submit one grant request of up to $25,000. Requests may be submitted for capacity-building projects or programming, but requests should only address one project, not a combination of projects. We encourage you to contact Joann Naser before submitting your request to determine the most appropriate request for your library. You may reach Joann at 724-222-6330 or