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Making the Most of Your Email Services

Email communication is a powerful tool that can help a nonprofit connect with donors, provide information to clients, and increase the community's understanding of the nonprofit's services.

At the Washington County Community Foundation we have been utilizing email communications for more than a decade, and it is now our primary communication tool with donors, nonprofits, grantees, and community members.

In this session you will learn from some of our Team Members regarding our successes and challenges with email communications.

Measuring Grant Outputs and Outcomes

Successful grant applications typically share similar attributes: a demonstrated need, a feasible plan or project, and clearly stated objectives that can be measured to assess success. However, nonprofits often rely solely on counting outputs rather than assessing outcomes more broadly, thus missing the opportunity to fully measure and demonstrate the meaningfulness of their efforts for grantors and funders.

This session focused on designing appropriate goals and objectives for your projects as well as discussing how to move from counting outputs to measuring outcomes in order to strengthen your ask.

The Importance of a Good Online Presence

In this digital era, a strong online presence is important to the success of your organization. Jen Winkler, Web Project Manager/UI and UX Designer, and Alli Hess, Digital Media Specialist, from Tungsten Creative Group discuss effective vs. noneffective websites and why social media just isn't enough for building your brand.

Governing Documents Review

Is your organization's paperwork in order? Governing documents such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, and policies should accurately reflect your organization's goals and practices, while being in compliance with the law. Barbara A. Graham, senior member of Peacock Keller's School Law Group and a WCCF Trustee, will discuss the best practices for conducting a thorough review of your organization's governing documents.

Crafting a Winning Grant Proposal

It's all in the name! Discover the elements of a strong grant application from seasoned local funders whose organizations annually support the Washington County community with millions of dollars.

Investing Your Administrative Reserve: Considerations for Non-Profits

Learn about the importance of ensuring that your non-profit's administrative reserve is properly invested. You'll also learn how to select an investment manager and measure their performance, how to craft an investment policy statement, how to mitigate your investment risk, and other useful tips on effectively managing your administrative reserve investment.

In addition to hearing from Foundation personnel, you'll also hear from Joe Piszczor, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with Stein Wealth Advisors.

Part I

Part II

Administrative Reserve and Line of Credit

Does your charity have a "rainy day" fund? Are you challenged by the timelines associated with reimbursable grants? Are you drawing from your charity's investments when you're in need of a temporary infusion of cash?

Sometimes a little planning can go a long way.

This session focuses on a few financial strategies that can help your charity best utilize its resources.

Creating an Effective Annual Fundraising Plan

It’s been proven that organizations with written annual fundraising plans raise more money.

Veteran fundraiser and nonprofit consultant Rob DeOrio of DeOrio Strategies Group discusses the importance of an annual fundraising plan. Rob provides an overview of the planning process and practical advice to help create an annual fundraising plan for nonprofit organizations.

Donor Software Survey Open Forum

Our thanks to everyone who participated in our survey on donor software! We are excited to share our results with you.

This open forum on July 15, 2021, reviewed our findings and we heard first-hand from local charity representatives what software programs are working for them and why.

Whether your charity uses a donor software program or not, this is a great opportunity for you to learn more from your peers in our community.

Now's the Time to Start: Major & Planned Gift Fundraising

Major and planned gift fundraising is not as intimidating as you might think, and Scott Koskoski is ready to show you why.

A veteran fundraiser and consultant, Scott has a knack of cutting through the clutter to get the "major and planned gift fundraising straight talk." He has designed a session devoid of "best practices" lingo and promises to plant some real-time, actionable seeds you can start to water and see growth from immediately after the session.

Let's save fundraising philosophy class for another day and get down to business in ways your budget report will notice!

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